Data Center Insights 

The Lowdown on Data Center Downtime:Frequency, Root Causes and Costs
In 2013, Emerson Network Power again partnered with the Ponemon Institute to update its Study of Data Center Outages. The two-part study found that although the frequency and duration of data center downtime events has slightly decreased, unplanned outages prove to remain a costly line item for organizations.

Driving Data Center Design: 7 Best Practices
Our insatiable appetite for technology and applications means paying even closer attention to data center design and intelligent layout. Seven forward-thinking angles to data center infrastructure design are helping deliver efficient operation, scalable capacity and high availability throughout the life cycle of the data center.

Data Center Power Play
Decisions made around topology, efficiency and redundancy for uninterruptible power all have a strong impact on operating costs and availability. Luckily, data center management does not always need to sacrifice efficiency, to get the highest-nines of reliable power.

Data Center Infrastructure: Lifting Performance to the Cloud
Designing a cloud-friendly data center infrastructure helps ensure your enterprise’s ability to support growing demand from everyone touching IT. But in the world of the cloud, there is no room for stranded capacity, non-virtualized servers, nor taking systems down over the weekend.

Uninterruptible Power: Closing the Trap Door to Downtime
Uninterruptible power systems help close the trap doors that can cause downtime, premature obsolescence, and high maintenance and replacement costs.  Today’s smart and efficient network UPSs can uphold all your virtualized servers, point-of-sale gear, routers, switches, hubs and other networking devices.

Data Center Cooling Options Deliver Flexibility
As business demands heat up, many data centers are bloating out of control. Fortunately, a new generation of data center cooling technology is here now, and data center infrastructure design is better coping with consolidation, power consumption, and sprawl.

Data Center Solutions Get Smart
Data center management is seeing new data center infrastructure design options surface, in the wake of increasing productization in IT spaces. New modular, self-contained, configured enclosures are being evaluated and deployed as an optimal solution.

Data Center Management by the Dashboard Light
New windows of opportunity are coming to the data center, bringing new ways to gain a more complete view of data center infrastructure than before, and keeping data center management in sync with workload and equipment changes.