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Energy Logic 2.0
Learn about a roadmap to reducing data center energy use by up to 74%.
Taking the Enterprise Data Center into the Cloud
Provides an overview of cloud computing technology, including a standard definition of cloud computing, common types of cloud architectures and services, and driving factors and perceived risks impacting widespread adoption.

Case Studies
Sarasota County, Florida, USA
The new facility needed to deliver scalable capacity and efficient operation throughout the lifecycle of the data center, while assuring continuous operation of government functions.
DataCenter.BZ, Ohio, USA
When turning up more than 22,000 square feet of additional raised floor space to support its high-density IT and telecom operations, DataCenter.BZ relied upon Emerson Network Power to optimize its unique data center infrastructure for availability, efficiency and capacity.

Data Center Videos
Perspectives from AFCOM Fall 2012: Energy Logic 2.0 Overview
Emerson Network Power introduced the original Energy Logic in 2007. Since then, data center and IT technologies have advanced and new best practices have emerged -- prompting an update to leverage these improvements.
Perspectives from AFCOM Fall 2012: Energy Logic and the Cascade Effect
The cornerstone of Energy Logic -- the cascade effect -- has not changed. The ten Energy Logic strategies start with IT equipment and progress to the facility's support infrastructure.

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