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Surge Protective Devices

Emerson Network Power manufactures the industry’s widest range of surge protective devices (SPD). These products are ideal for small facilities, large equipment rooms, or entire buildings. We’re setting the standard for facility-wide and data center power protection.
Panelmount (Facility-Wide)
Protecting a facility with this parallel line is an excellent first line of defense in delivering uninterruptible power and limiting high impulse transients to a level that is acceptable to most electronic equipment. These high-energy surge protection products are placed in parallel with panels that are susceptible to both externally and internally generated transients. Emerson's wide range of products offers specific surge protection levels, voltage/phase configurations, and any mode protection requirement at any panel within your facility.

570 (formerly SH, SS550)
560 (formerly SI, SS500)
510 (formerly ACV, LM, LPGE)
330 (formerly LPM/ IM) 
320 (formerly LPL/ IL)

Specialty Products
Associated surge protection products for typical and non-typical applications or installations.
ACG Series (AccuGuide Interconnect Assembly)