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Deliver business continuity through Efficiency Without Compromise

Gain Efficiency Without Compromise in the data center by optimizing high availability and efficiency. Efficiency Without Compromise™ provides a path to optimize data center infrastructure around design, operating and management efficiencies—while maintaining or improving availability. This is achieved through the utilization of Liebert cooling, power and monitoring technologies, supported by key services and local expertise.

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Challenge Improve performance
of the IT infrastructure
and environment.
Balance high levels of availability and efficiency Adapt IT changes
for continuous optimization and
design flexibility.
Deliver architectures from 10-60kW/rack to minimize space and cost.
Solutions Real-time monitoring and control of critical systems; operational asset and process control. Double-conversion online UPS systems and water-side economizers. Digital scroll compressors, VSDs, and EC fans with
iCOM controls;
adaptive power.
High-density cooling and flexible power distribution technologies.
Products Liebert Intellislot
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Monitoring Services

Liebert NX UPS
Liebert NXL UPS
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Eco Availability

  • Liebert NX delivers highly reliable on-line UPS protection while providing efficiencies of 93% at partial load.
  • Liebert NXL UPS offers up to 97% full load efficiency when operating on Intelligent Eco-Mode—the always-on inverter ensures high availability, and seamlessly assumes the load in case of a utility power disturbance.
  • Fluid economizers enable “free cooling,” while controlling temperature, humidity, and preventing contamination.
  • Liebert GLYCOOL™ safely uses outside temperatures to reduce cooling system compressor runtime, saving up to 25% of energy cost.
  • Preventive maintenance optimizes the lifetime value of equipment.
  • Facility Power Audits maximize efficiency and availability.
  • Battery monitoring and service maximizes performance, lifecycle and availability.

Flex Capacity

  • Liebert CW with VSD reduces energy consumption by 50% at 80% speed, saving up to $5,000/year/unit and providing a <2 year payback.
  • Liebert CW with EC Fans reduces energy consumption by up to 30% at full speed and 65% at 80% speed.
  • Liebert DS was the first data center cooling system to use variable capacity Digital Scroll compressors.
  • Variable capacity compressors reduce energy consumption by up to 30% on an air cooled system, saving up to $5,000/yr/unit.
  • Liebert iCOM with predictive control and teamwork saves up to 7% energy consumption over traditional controls.
  • Cooling controls manage “zones” including non-homogeneous heat loads, contained areas, and localized high density areas—for optimized cooling performance.

High Density

  • Liebert XD can cool densities of >30 kW/Rack and is up to 30% more efficient than traditional cooling systems. Liebert XD uses pumped refrigerant and dewpoint control to prevent condensation.
  • Liebert and Knurr rack PDUs are available in configurations up to 60 amp, with an industry-leading standard operating temperature of up to 131°F, for reliable support of high density racks.
  • Standard TP-1 transformers in PDUs provide up to 98.7% efficiency.

Infrastructure Management

  • Critical infrastructure expertise enables highly efficient and effective designs. Assessments identify power and cooling improvements that provide immediate and ongoing cost savings.
  • IT, rack, row and room sensor networks provide management and control of temperature, humidity, pressure, power, water detection, capacity and battery health.
  • Centralized real-time monitoring reduces downtime and management.
  • Implementation and commissioning services ensure rapid deployment.
  • Enterprise remote monitoring enables proactive management.
  • Standards-based interface with Building Management System bridges IT and facility management.

Q: What is Efficiency Without Compromise?

A: Efficiency Without Compromise is a path to optimize data center infrastructure for design, operating and management efficiency while maintaining or improving—and not sacrificing—availability. This is achieved through the proper utilization of cooling, power and monitoring technologies in addition to key services.

Q: Are there some real-life examples of efficiency with compromise?

A: Unfortunately, yes. With hourly downtime in the 5-6 digits, some firms have not hardened their environments properly, and lost significant revenue, profit and goodwill during computing outages that could have been prevented. Others have not yet fully realized the CAPEX savings from optimizing IT space, given $200-400/s.f. data center construction costs. Many firms do not manage ghost servers effectively, wasting space and energy. Others have struggled to deploy would-be energy-saving efforts that actually increased failure rates, and lead to greater problems.

Q: Is Efficiency Without Compromise a standard design?

A: Efficiency Without Compromise is not a set of rote recommendations, but instead involves four areas of opportunity within a data center infrastructure that directly impact efficiency and availability. Within each area, there are technologies that, when applied appropriately, can cut data center design and deployment time, reduce operating costs, and enhance management and planning success, all while maintaining or improving data center availability.

Q: What are the four key elements?

A: Efficiency Without Compromise is achieved by capitalizing on one of more of the following:

  • Infrastructure management
  • High density
  • Flex capacity
  • Eco availability

Q: Is Efficiency Without Compromise just about products and saving energy?

A: No. Recent industry discussions focus almost exclusively on energy efficiency—neglecting  the broader issues of a data center’s lifecycle. Efficiency Without Compromise is all about leveraging the benefits of Emerson’s expertise in design, operations and management to positively impact overall data center efficiency, while also enhancing availability. Energy savings is critical, but IT initiatives employing it must be balanced.

Q: What are the lifecycle phases of the data center?

A: Emerson Network Power empowers data center lifecycles, moving beyond operational energy improvements. Unique services, solutions and expert advice improve efficiency and ensures availability within three key phases:

  • Design and Deployment
  • Operations
  • Management and Planning

Q: What is Eco Availability?

A: Eco Availability is focused on achieving the right balance between availability and efficiency, particularly where efficiency-driven improvements could negatively impact IT business performance. Data center managers are challenged to implement an electrical scheme that achieves the highest possible efficiency while still delivering availability goals.

Q: Explain the High Density opportunity?

A: High-density environments house rack densities between 10-60kW. The escalation of rack and room densities has a direct correlation with efficiency: the higher the density, the greater the efficiency. Organizations that can increase density, while providing high availability, can operate at higher efficiency levels. They also increase the computing capacity of their current facility—avoiding or delaying the need for new data centers.

Q: What is the Flex Capacity opportunity?

A: Flex capacity encompasses solutions that efficiently allow a data center infrastructure to dynamically adapt to the IT environment. Technologies such as variable speed drives, digital scroll compressors, Softscale UPS scalability, and iCOM controls all enable enhanced levels of dynamic flexibility, in the quest to match reliable infrastructure systems to IT system loads.

Q: Explain Infrastructure Management?

A: Infrastructure management pulls everything together by applying Emerson’s data center expertise with product and service offerings in monitoring and management solutions – including Liebert and Aperture. This leads to improved IT infrastructure performance and uptime.

Q: How do customers benefit by adopting the Efficiency Without Compromise approach?

A: Data center professionals will see benefits throughout the lifecycle of their facility by embracing the opportunities provided by Efficiency Without Compromise. Leveraging pre-engineered solutions and high-density architectures can reduce the time required for system deployment, as well as space and capital requirements. IT facilities can apply efficient technologies to reduce operational energy costs, and decrease downtime costs using high-availability configurations. Lastly, enhanced management and planning systems can streamline data center operations with comprehensive management controls, and lower long-term operational costs via proactive maintenance programs.