LIFE™ Technology Enabled Remote Diagnostic Service
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It is essential that your critical power protection system is maintained in an optimum state of readiness at all times.

Embedded LIFE™ technology enables remote diagnostic, preventive, and monitoring services that are delivered by the global Emerson Network Power service network.

LIFE™ technology enables 24/7 continuous monitoring of the mains supply and over 150 separate parameters.

Service center engineers are permanently on hand to provide immediate fault analysis and appropriate corrective action.

Our remote support services automatically generates a list of alarm conditions and provides a series of possible solutions, leading to the prompt identification and resolution of all possible operating anomalies.

LIFE™ technology allows for a detailed reporting system that provides valuable information on power and equipment trends over any selected period of time.

                           Reuced operating costs

Maximized Availability

Pre-emptive maintenance

Thanks to the LIFE technology embedded in our equipment, engineers can:

  • View all events that have occurred
  • Provide a detailed account of the causes of each condition, combined with an analysis of the exact sequence of alarm conditions
  • Track long-term performance trends and identify potential future critical conditions
  • Deliver timely corrective and preventive actions extending the equipment life-cycle.

Remote fix capability

  • Our remote service provides an early warning of more than 150 separate parameters, allowing real-time diagnosis and a swift identification and resolution of all possible operating anomalies
  • For certain conditions and with the appointment of an authorized user, remote services can offer a remote fix capability without the need for an onsite visit.

Superior asset management

  • Through comprehensive data collection and analysis, LIFE technology's detailed reporting system provides valuable information on power and equipment trends
  • Over extended periods this data can be used to identify potential problems, eliminate any weak links and plan for future expansion.

Immediate identification of problems

    Minimized Downtime
  • Should an emergency condition arise, an engineer in our dedicated 24/7 Watch Station undertakes an immediate analysis to determine what follow up action is required reducing to zero the reaction time
  • The operator establishes personal contact with the customer's nominated representative to agree on an appropriate course of action
  • If needed a Service Engineer will be dispatched for an emergency visit.

Improved "first time fix" rates

  • In the event of an emergency, a service engineer is sent onsite following the customer escalation procedures
  • An embedded fault-finding function gives service engineers an accurate analysis of the customer's problem before arriving onsite dramatically, improving "first time fix" rates.

Limit your own onsite maintenance resources

    Reduced Operating Costs
  • Delegating the monitoring and maintenance of your critical power systems to the experts can result in a reduction in onsite monitoring costs.


GenSys offers 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics of other manufacturer's UPS.

A real turning point in the UPS world, GenSys is capable of diagnosing and monitoring multi-brand UPS. Providing the integration and monitoring of all brands of UPS, GenSys enables you to delegate your full power diagnostics to Emerson Network Power.


GenSys can read:

  • Input voltage (three or single-phase)
  • Battery voltage
  • Output voltage (three or single-phase)
  • Output and battery current
  • Room temperature
  • Up to eight digital inputs from volt-free contacts.
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