Racks and Integrated Cabinets
Rack Cooling
Emerson Network Power delivers cooling with a comprehensive range of cooling solutions, protecting mission-critical applications.
Energy-efficient server cabinet technology with outstanding benefits, to minimize energy costs in the data center and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
Knürr DCD is an air - water heat exchanger that is integrated into the rear door of a server rack.

The Knürr DCL is a precision cooling unit in chilled water configuration to be installed side by side with high-density computing racks.

Knürr DCL can be used as closed air loop rack cooling device (L version) or as hybrid (H) with air supply to the front door to the room. This versatility is achieved by using interchangeable side panels to alter the air flow pattern. Hybrid version and closed loop version support “Cold Room” concept. Air is drawn by fans from the rear of the Knürr DCL through the heat exchanger cooled down and discharged into the front.

Side-mounted cabinets unit for highly efficient cooling in server cabinets from 10 to 30 kW – with significant reductions in data center energy costs.
The reliable link between water circulation systems in the building and the server rack.