Liebert HPM Precision Cooling Cabinet Air Conditioners


Liebert HPM Precision Cooling Cabinet Air Conditioners

Designed for Top Level Performance and Reliability

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Liebert HPM units are cabinet air conditioners. These can feature EC fans, with several air delivery versions: downwards (underfloor delivery), upwards and “displacement.”

Liebert HPM units are equipped with iCOM control, featuring an integrated Web connection and two optional graphic display types. Liebert HPM combines different cooling systems for the ideal solution to every facility:

  • Direct Expansion: available with the air- or water-cooled Copeland Digital Scroll compressors.
  • Chilled Water: to be used with Liebert HPC.
  • Dual-Fluid: matches low running costs and total reliability. It standard operates with chilled water, thus guaranteeing “business-continuity,” thanks to the spare compressors that can intervene in a few seconds, as soon as the central unit stops.
  • Free Cooling: no power consumption if needless. Working 365 days a year, it uses the low winter temperature to cool the rooms, without using compressors.

iCom Control

  • Several graphic display options
  • On-line unit log
  • IntegratedWeb communication
  • Preventive maintenance through an advanced troubleshooting
  • 400 stored events/unit
  • Up to 16 stored temperature and humidity days

EC fans

  • AC powered 50/60 Hz without frequency converter
  • Static pressure continuous adjustment
  • Energy consumption lower by approx. 30% vs. AC motors
  • No maintenance
  • Long life transmission

Copeland Digital Scroll

  • Better room control
  • Energy saving with partial load
  • Quick adjustment to load changes
  • Simple and reliable mechanics
  • AC powered 50/60 Hz without frequency converter
  • EMC-free

Heat Exchange Surface

  • High Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). It basically depends on the heat exchange surface. Refrigerating circuits consume less energy.
  • High SensibleHeat ratio (SHR). Sensible heat vs. latent heat. Technological applications require a high sensible heat discharge, without lowering the room humidity too much, as it would need to be restored through a humidifier.

All components have been sized for the lowest possible stress. Models have been igorously tested before being launched on themarket. The Liebert HPM range is Eurovent certified.

Over-sized heat exchangers and optimized aerodynamics allow one of the lowest energy consumption in the Precision Conditioning Cooling field.

The handy user interface and the quick front access to mechanical adjustments shorten the routinemaintenance time.

The compact design still ensures the best performance thanks to fluido-dynamic analyses and several lab tests.